About Us

Hello from sunny Brisbane, Australia! We’re Jed and Jordan, two guys who love to make video games.

In late 2016, the two of us quit our jobs and founded Affable Games. We began by working in Jed’s sun-room at home, but when that got too hot and steamy we started sneaking into libraries, cafes, restaurants… wherever we could find air-con and wifi! Eventually we moved into a creative share space and haven’t looked back. It’s got a chilled water tap!

On top of developing games, we’re also lecturers for the University of Canberra. We teach a whole bunch of stuff, but primarily it’s all about games. It’s amazing to us that we have the ability to teach our students how to make games as we are making them for real! Don’t tell them, but if we’re honest we learn a lot about making games from our students as well.

Our dream is to grow our tiny team of two into a big ol’ game-making family, and support our community along the way.

Great to meet you, get in touch!

Jed and Jordan